Ever heard the line  ‘The best place to hide a website is on page two of Google!’?  It’s true.



On-page Optimization –  (Know where to start!)

* For the best results, you always want to build a solid foundation.  Your on-page content should be original, targeted, engaging to viewers and error free.  We can correct all mistakes in the code and input specific, keyword targeted, meta data.  Whether you have prior knowledge of these terms or not, just understand that they are a vitally important piece of a larger puzzle.  Any missing aspects can drop your website rankings like a sinking ship.

Competitive Analysis  –  (Know who you’re up against!)

* We will analyze your competition and determine why all of their websites are where they are in the rankings.  We then analyze your website and determine why it is where it is in the rankings.  We can then apply what was discovered to your website in order to move it higher and edge above the competition.

Keyword Research  –  (Know your ABC’s!)

* Before you even begin, you must determine what keywords to promote and rank for.  Your entire SEO efforts (and dollars) can be wasted on highly competitive keywords if you don’t do your research first – We’ll do it all for you!  We research all possible keywords in order to give you the best opportunity at ranking as high as possible.  More specifically, we choose the keywords that are searched by clients who are actually at the ‘buying stage’ and ready to spend money on your product or service!

Link Building  –  (Know how the web works!)

* Once you have a proper on-page structure and content optimization, another step to an effective search engine optimization strategy is link building.  We look at your niche and your competitors in order to create the best link building strategy possible.  Be warned, incorrect link building by the inexperienced can often result in Google or other search engines actually decreasing your rankings!  Trust those in the know and we’ll get you there safely.

Social Media –  (Know how to connect for bonus points!)

* Your website may be your main online presence and that’s a great start, but to really heat up the interaction with your customers, social media is the way to keep them coming back for more.  It’s also a huge benefit to your website ranking because Google and other search engines love when sites engage their viewers on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  If they do, Google considers them more interactive, and basically, more important than stand alone websites.  If you aren’t interested in learning how to implement social media, don’t get scared off just yet;  we have staff who can even manage your accounts for you once they’ve been built.  That way, you’ll get all the ranking benefits and if you prefer, you’ll never have to send a tweet ever again!

Search Engine Ranking Maintenance  –  (Know how to stay on top!)

* Once your site is ranking where you want it, you need to maintain your ranking otherwise over time your site will start to slip back down the ladder.  We offer affordable maintenance services in order to ensure that your site stays ‘On Page One’ and continues bringing you more business for a long time to come.

Reputation Management –  (Know and improve or repair whats being said about you!)

* Removal of bad posts, comments, and/or reviews is possible but not easy for those unfamiliar with the methods.  Adding great comments and reviews is also a very important step in the impression your company projects to your potential clients.  Managing your reputation can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what information is being spread through the internet about you, or where to begin in order to change it.  We have specialists who can be assigned to your file specifically for the purpose of improving your online reputation.  Remember, even if your company ranked in the number one spot for every term you hoped for, it would actually be detrimental to your sales if what showed up was negative.  Get some some positivite online exposure today!

Plus more SEO Services  –  (Know more!)

* We offer virtually any SEO and related service you can think of with packages to fit any budget.  Please contact us today with your needs and we will offer you the best options available at affordable prices!